Dental Sedation
The majority of people are afraid of seeing dentist because of a previous bad experiences or dental phobias. At Dental Esthetique, we offer various forms of sedation to help you feel as comfortable as possible, making your dental experience pleasant and relaxed. As our patient, you deserve to have a safe and enjoyable time in our practice without any unnecessary distress. At Dental Esthetique, we offer our patients sedation both in the dentist’s chair or if necessary at hospital.

Oral Sedation
It is the simplest and cheapest option whilst you’re in our clinic. Dentist might prescribe oral sedative for you to take before you visit to the surgery, or alternatively, you will be given medicine in the practice half an hour before your treatment. You will feel relaxed whilst having your procedure. You will be conscious what is happening around you, and you will be able to respond to any requests. 

Gas sedation
Nitrous oxide or laughing gas has a similar effect compared to the oral sedative, except its effect will wear off within a few minutes without affecting your daily work. Penthrox is another gas sedation that can be used in the practice. The quantity of gas can be controlled by the patient, and the apparatus delivering this sedation is less invasive than that of laughing gas.

Hospital sedation
Hospital sedation refers to the general anaesthetic or intravenous sedation performed under a qualified anaesthetist in the hospital or our surgery. You will be sedated while we are performing your dental treatment. The acceptance to the sedation requires a comprehensive medical check and an agreement between the dentist and the anaesthetist.

Different sedation options have different advantages and drawbacks. We are happy to discuss with you the best option based on your particular conditions.